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A little confused and shook.

Awkward, tries to be flirty. Tomorrow we start with some more reveals! We unlocked the whole zodiac poster, and so we will reveal a number of zodiac signs this month. Get ready! Spotify ft. Keep reading. What do you think!? Element : Air. Stones : emerald, Topaz, heliotrope, Jasper, amethyst, lilac sapphire, Apatite, citrine, serpentine, malachite, chalcedony. Metal : Lead. Day: Wednesday. Color : Green, light green. Direction : North. Abode : Virgo, Gemini. Exaltation Elevation : Aquarius. Exile : Pisces, Sagittarius. Fall : Leo. Friendly planet : the Sun, Venus.

Hostile planet : Moon. Strong mercury : Business thinking, mathematical mindset, high position. Affected mercury : Irritability and Arrogance. Organs : arms, shoulders, skin, peripheral nervous system. Diseases : dizziness, nervous disorders, skin problems. The close proximity to the Sun defines the face of this small but charismatic planet. Its main functions: reason, logical thinking, cognition, communication, communication of the individual with society.

If a person from childhood shows curiosity and a keen interest in knowledge, mercury will willingly show him how huge and amazing the world around him is.

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In essence mercury represents principles rational thinking, speech, contact, mediation, interaction, training, exchange. In the Natal chart of the horoscope mercury symbolizes the type of thinking of a person, his consciousness, curiosity, intellectual aspirations, ability to communicate and learn, liveliness, agility.

Keywords: communication, mail, news, Dating, curiosity, reflection, openness, spontaneity, eclecticism in choice, dispersion, youth, short distance travel, brothers and sisters, relatives, transport, primary education, voice, public speaking, writing, gossip, rumors, diplomatic art, technology, tests, data processing, employees, skill, dexterity, criticism, lies, deception. Mercury controls the signs of Virgo and Gemini associated with communication, transportation, cars, computers, diseases and work that requires attention to detail.

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In social terms, mercury symbolizes a teenager, a young man both male and female ; younger brother or sister, neighbors; pickpocket, swindler, sharper; merchants and sellers; scientists and teachers. Parts of the body controlled by mercury: nervous system motor nerves , vision and senses in General, mouth, tongue and speech organs, larynx, trachea, shoulders, arms, palms and fingers, navel, solar plexus, ligaments and tendons, small intestine. The third house represents the self-expression of the individual in the everyday environment: the way a person expresses his thoughts in oral and written speech, communicates with the household and strangers, for example, with fellow travelers in transport.

In the field of physiology, mercury affects primarily the five senses, nervous and autonomic systems.

Keywords List for the New Moon in Sagittarius December 2018

In the business segment, mercury regulates relations between colleagues, superiors and subordinates. Nevertheless, someone in power will favour you today. Today the only Full Moon in your sign all year is taking place. This means you have to be patient with others because you might be more emotional than usual. Something might disrupt your work routine today. Coworkers might be touchy. What will offset this is you can rely on the support from another source to help you in your job and to help others as well.

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This is the encouragement you need! You might be too emotional about a social event. Meanwhile, romance with someone older or of an age difference might begin. A May-December couple? Relations with bosses and authority figures are dicey today.


The Full Moon. However, this is a good day to make future plans about entertaining at home or something to do with real estate or how to make your home look more attractive. Pay attention to what you say and do because this is an accident-prone time due to the Full Moon energy. Hospital records definitely show a spike of activity during the Full Moon.

Nevertheless, this is a good day to make plans for the future.

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Disagreements about money, cash flow or how to spend money or earn it might arise today because of the Full Moon. Major changes are ready to happen in relationships that are not healthy or jobs that are stifling to one's spirit and creative potential Donna Page. Astrologer Donna Page describes a full moon in Taurus as a "very intense emotional time. Additionally, the full moon is happening while it lines up with Uranus in its orbit. Daily horoscope: Taurus is considered an elemental sign of earth Image: Getty.

horoscop scorpio 24 decemberie Horoscop scorpio 24 decemberie
horoscop scorpio 24 decemberie Horoscop scorpio 24 decemberie
horoscop scorpio 24 decemberie Horoscop scorpio 24 decemberie
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horoscop scorpio 24 decemberie Horoscop scorpio 24 decemberie
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horoscop scorpio 24 decemberie Horoscop scorpio 24 decemberie
Horoscop scorpio 24 decemberie

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