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The system is based on the 16th harmonic Uranian Astrology. Opportunity to heal emotional issues with past life relationship A time for female leaders to emerge in the world with innovative ideas for change. Last edited by waybread; at PM.

What is Uranian astrology? - Midpoint - Transneptunian Planets - Alfred Witte

Reason: deleted advertisement. Both midpoint poseidon and chiron.

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Can you tell me anything about Hades? Apparently I have Hades exactly opposed my zero degree Scorpio Sun.

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That does not sound too good , does it? Re: Uranian Astrology. If the opposition is exact, it means that you've come in with a good deal of unfinished business to deal with of a dark nature. On the positive side, it also includes the probability that you incarnated with secret knowledge that you may become aware of in time. Knowledge that is not to be revealed to anyone other than yourself Yes, it is an exact opposition, with hades in the 12th.

But I prefer not to mess around with it much. I pretty much stick to astrology and tarot. Sudden death of a magician What exactly do you refer to by "dials" I see mention of them all the time whenever I try to read up on Uranian astrology but I never really found a good explanation of what they were, all I can figure out is that the dials correspond to 16th harmonic aspects Multiples of 15 degrees are considered "soft' aspects.

Uranian Astrology

Transformational moment is probable for a world leader. Mars conjoins Kronos on the Secrets revealed about a powerful male leader. Good time to connect with female family members.

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Okay, so when you say It means that on the Okay, so are you saying that Venus and cupido are each Or are Venus and Cupido each Basically, when you mention dials , I really have NO IDEA what you are talking about, and I have not been able to find out exactly what a "dial" is in Uranian Astrology, I understand midpoint pictures and such, I just don't understand the concept of dials.

I have a vague idea of what a dial looks like, i just have no idea how it's supposed to work Actually on the uranian In the uranian system the degree horoscope is reduced to smaller dials or smaller horoscopes ie, 90, 60,45, It represents the idea of community. Housing can also be associated with Cupido. Every chart has Cupido in it. Astrologer Arlene Kramer talks of how Cupido is a Venus on steroids.

She combines the energy of Venus with Jupiter when thinking about the energy of Cupido. She explains that Venus is beauty but Cupido is art.

Cupido - A Facet of the Mighty God of Love - LEELOO'S ESOTERICORNER

All the TNPs have long cycles taking hundreds of years to complete their orbit around the Sun. This will come to our attention in many ways.

One of the areas we might notice this is with our bosses or leaders and the impact they will have on what is going on. This energy requires validation. It can give a degree of self-discipline and structure. This energy will increase our separative tendencies.

Midpoint Corner

With Saturn here there could be an increased responsibility to the family, group or association. This placement can also involve real estate dealings. Featured Today: Direct Midpoints, Uranian Astrology, Transneptunian Planets, and Alfred Witte After one week of no Internet connection, it's good to be back and I want to celebrate by posting a couple of very interesting video presentations by two master astrologers whose work I admire.

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uranian astrology cupido Uranian astrology cupido
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uranian astrology cupido Uranian astrology cupido
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uranian astrology cupido Uranian astrology cupido
Uranian astrology cupido

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